P.O. Box 87
Trinidad, CO 81082

Our Philosophy
Future Generations Recycling is a new and locally owned business here in the beautiful town of Trinidad. FGR offers curb-side recycling to conveniently serve your recycling needs. Waste can have a very damaging affect on our natural environment. Did you know that by recycling just one aluminum can you’re helping save enough energy to listen to an entire music album on your iPod? Imagine the lasting benefits we could see if everyone recycled even a quarter of their household items. The goal of Future Generations Recycling is to minimize the pollution that waste can cause in order to leave behind a thriving environment for future generations to come. Let us lead you in being the change our world deserves to see. Join us today!!
1 Bag 1 Pickup/Month $10/Month
1 Bag 2 Pickups/Month $18/Month
2 Bags 1 Pickup/Month $15/Month
2 Bags 2 Pickups/Month $23/Month
1 Bag Weekly Pickup $8/Week
Additional Bags are $5 Per Pickup
32 Gal Bin 1 Pickup/Month $25/Month
32 Gal Bin 2 Pickups/Month $40/Month
Services Provided
Service to be provided within the Trinidad City Limits for residential and commercial customers. On day of pick-up the full bag will be picked up and a clean, empty bag will be dropped off.

For a complete list of what we recycle, please see page 2 of our Contract.